Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cowman's Resume

Borny Deleretard
139 N. West Saint Park Circle Drive Drive Trail Dr. R-59
Grand Banjo, Mithigum 487
(87) 44-692

Phlegmtember 33, 401

Mr. Heddy Ludbutter
Chief Honcho and Cowman
Ludbutter Farm
30955074 Full-blown Hepatitis C Rd.
Fat Rapids, Ihohi 5373

Dear Mr. Ludbutter,
I would like to be a cowboy on your farm. I am strong, healthy, and work well with animals, dirt, grain, and odd/funny-looking machinery.

Through my experience(s), I have grown to love farming and being a cowboy. While working on the Neatly Farm, I had the opportunity to cover a range of cowboying from dusting crops to roping dogies.

I began as Piss-face my first year at the N.F. and quickly progressed to Big Boy by my seventeenth year. I work hard and am good at heaving heavy hay.

I have been recognized for my cowboying skills both on and off the farm. Recently, I was awarded The Golden Spur Prize at the feed store for the heavy work I did for them. I was also selected to ride the bull in the annual Bull Riding Thing.

Through my experience(s), I have honed the necessary skills to be successful in this profession. If you are looking for a dig-down and get dirty type of cowboy who is capable of contributing greatly to the success of your farm, then I’m your huckleberry.

I have enclosed a resume outlining my experience(s) along with colored pictures of what the Neatly Farm looked like before and after I worked there.

I will contact you the week of the Pickle Festival to discuss the possibility of working on your farm.

Thank You,

Borny Deleretard


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